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True Success & How To Obtain It

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Item Number: H352
Author: Mack, Wayne
ISBN: 9781879737532
SUCCESS: What is it? A good education. A good job. Excellent physical health. Most people would tell you that these are the elements of success. But are they? Even committed Christians can get caught in the whirlwind of earthly thinking on this matter. Dr. Wayne Mack, one of the most trusted Christian teachers of our time, tells you what true success really is, and the keys to attain it. It may be a tall order for some to redefine their ideas of success, but to understand God's will for our lives, we must make every effort to do so. What is man's greatest need? Is it simply food, clothing and shelter? Is it having our emotional needs met? Is it attaining fame and fortune? Although philosophers, social scientists and psychologists have written many a tome about this most vital topic, the answer is right in the pages of your Bible. Dr. Mack sweeps away the secular world's concept of "need" to reveal that man's greatest need is forgiveness. No, not the popular concept of "live and let live," but God's concept of forgiveness in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Men and women need to be forgiven of the sins they have committed against a holy God in order to be truly free-and to truly know how to forgive others! This little book comprising two extended essays will prove to be one of the most useful and moving you will ever read. Simple yet powerful, all Christians should read it in order to understand who they are and where they are going, while the unsaved will discover their desperate need for the God who is ready to forgive.
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