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Persecution - How Liberals are Waging War Against Christianity

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Item Number: A208
Author: Limbaugh, David
ISBN: 9780060732073
Tolerance might be the highest virtue in our popular culture, but it doesn't often extend to Christians these days. Christians are increasingly being driven from public life, denied their 1st Amendment rights, and even actively discriminated against for their beliefs. In this relentless expose of political correctness run amok, author David Limbaugh rips apart the liberal hypocrisy that condones selective mistreatment of Christians in the mainstream media, Hollywood, our schools and universities, and throughout our public life. In Persecution, you'll enter the hotly contested battle for the soul of our public schools. Here are appalling--but true--stories of how anti-Christian social engineers not only prohibit school prayer and forbid students from wearing Christian symbols like a simple cross, but even expunge the real story of Christianity in America from history textbooks. Worse still, in the name of "diversity," "tolerance," "multiculturalism," and "sex education," the social engineers actively inculcate hatred of Christianity as ignorant, repressive and offensive. Not exactly the agenda of most parents whose tax dollars support the public schools. 448 pages
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