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DVD The New Answers Book Part 1

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Item Number: V004
Author: Ham, Ken
ISBN: 881994003723

Evolution…intelligent design…creation…or a little o fall three? What do you really believe—and why does it matter to your life, your family, and your faith today?

Christians live in a culture with more questions than ever—questions that affect one’s acceptance of the Bible as authoritative and trustworthy. Now, discover easy-to-understand answers that reach core truths of the Christian faith and apply the biblical worldview to these subjects:


  • Is there really a God?
  • Cain's Wife - who was she?
  • Does distant starlight prove the univers is old?
  • Is natural selection the same thing as evolution?
  • Doesn't carbon-14 dating disprove the Bible?
  • Why shouldn't Christians accept "millions of years" ?
  • Did dinosaurs turn into birds?
  • Genesis: Today's answer to racism
  • Was there really a Noah's Ark and a flood?
  • What really happened to the dinosaurs?
  • How did defense attack structures come about?
  • How can I survive a secular college? 

This DVD offers concise and fast paced answers on twelve questions, answers from leading creationist Ken Ham and scientists such as Dr. David Menton, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Jason Lisle, and many more.

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